Geographic Information System (GIS)

Welcome to Lee County GIS

Lee County GIS, a division within the Lee County Information Technology Department, provides GIS services for all of Lee County Government.  Designed to be a tool and resource for effective decision making, GIS is serving as a data warehouse for vast amounts of data and information regarding Lee County Government.

The County GIS system is continually adapting to increased needs and is striving to provide better tools and access to spatially locate information for better decision making.  Online content offerings and data are continually expanding, so be sure to visit the various sections of the website to explorer how GIS can assist you.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Data made available on the GIS website does not represent legally recorded maps or surveys and is not intended to be used as such. The information contained in GIS data is dynamic and constantly changes over time. This data is not better than the original sources from which they were derived. GIS data should not be used for navigational, tracking or any other purpose requiring exact measurement of distance or direction or precision in the depiction of geographic features.  Nor should it be used for making financial or any other commitments. The maps/data provided herein are for illustration purposes only and are not suitable for site-specific decision making.  Parcel data was prepared for the visual representation of real property found within Lee County, and is not necessarily accurate by surveying standards. If absolute accuracy and detail is required, the deeds, plats and other related records on file should be consulted. Parcel ownership lines are for taxing purposes only and are not intended for conveyance.