Current Bids

Outstanding Bids At  This Time From Lee County Commission are as follows:  (BE SURE to review the Bidding Requirements Page)

County joint Bid Progam

Bid #11 - Cement Flowable fill
Bid #12 - Emulsified Asphalt
bid #13 - gasoline and diesel fuel
bid # 14- grader cutting edges
bid # 15 - maintenance stone
bid # 16- picked up @ Plant bituminous treatment
bid #17 -  ready mixed concrete
bid #18 - tied concrete block erosion control mat


The Official Posting of Bid Invitations is on the Bulletin Board near the Front Door of the Courthouse.  This is intended to be just another form of notification to reach as many vendors as possible.  Therefore, Be Sure to Check with the Commission Office for the Official Bids Outstanding or the Bulletin Board near the front door of the Courthouse in Opelika.