Real Property Fees

Index fee - $5.00

Per Page Charge- $3.00 (maximum of two (2) names for Grantor/Grantee, Mortgagor/Mortgagee, Plaintiff/Defendant)

Total for basic one-page document (lien, assignment, judgment, release, agreement, lis pendens, power of attorney) - $8.00

Additional Names - $1.00 per name

Additional book and page references - $3.00 each

Deed Tax

To basic document charges, add $.50 per $500 or $1.00 per $1000 on value of property conveyed - charged in increments of $500. The amount of value conveyed is always rounded to the nearest $500. A $1.00 “no-tax” fee is charged on deeds that are tax exempt.

Real Estate Sales Validation

Beginning August 1, 2012, a buyer of real estate must provide the actual purchase price when recording a deed, or file the Real Estate Validation Form, which shows the Total Purchase Price, Actual Value, or Assessor's Market Value.  (see Code of Alabama, section 40-22-1).  Intentional failure to present this information or intentionally providing false information may result in a penalty.  This page is recorded with the deed and is charged at the regular recording fee of $3.00 per page.

Mortgage Tax

To basic document charges, add $.15 per $100 or $1.50 per thousand charged in increments of $100. Mortgage amount is always rounded up to the nearest $100. A $1.00 “no-tax” fee is charged on mortgages that are tax exempt.

  Simultaneous Recording of Deed and Mortgage (Purchase Money)

 The mortgage tax and fee for recording the mortgage will be calculated as outlined above. The deed tax will be figured on the amount of the sales price exceeding the amount of the mortgage, if the mortgage is made to a taxable concern and the mortgage tax collected. If the sales price or value is less than the amount of the mortgage, a $1 “no-tax” fee is assessed on the deed. If the mortgage is made to a non-taxable concern then the deed tax will be charged on the total value of interest being conveyed and a $1 “no-tax” fee will be assessed on the mortgage. The phrase Purchase Money must specifically be stated on the mortgage.

 Deed with Assumption of Mortgage

Deed tax is based on difference of sales price or market value and amount of mortgage being assumed; If sales price or market value is less than amount assumed, $1.00 “no-tax” fee for deed tax. 
Mortgage tax due on current remaining balance unless mortgage is to a tax-exempt entity, in which case full deed tax is due and $1.00 “no-tax” is paid on mortgage.