Employee Benefits

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Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act)
Tier II to Tier I Resolution 2020
Temporary Policy for Covid-19

 Eligible immediately 
Deposit your paycheck directly into the checking account, savings account or credit union of your choice.  Employees have 
the additional option of depositing money into more than one account.
CREDIT UNION MEMBERSHIPEligible immediately 
Lee County employees may become members of the following area credit unions. 
East Alabama Community Federal Credit Union: www.eamcfcu.com (Printable Flyer)
Four Season Federal Credit Union:  www.fourseasonsfcu.com
EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCEEligible after 6 months of full time service 
Employees may be reimbursed for the costs for course work that has a direct relationship to the employee's current position at an accredited two or four year institution.
BEREAVEMENT PAY - Eligible immediately for full time employees.  Up to three (3) days off with pay for the death of an immediate family member.
PAID SICK LEAVE  Eligible after first full month for full time employees (leave is posted at the end of the month) 
8 hours per month (up to 140 days total).
PAID HOLIDAYS Eligible immediately for full time employees (subject to change each year based on County Commission approval). 

1.New Year's Day
2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
3. President's Day
4. Memorial Day
5. Juneteenth Day 

6. Independence Day
7. Labor Day
8. Columbus Day
9. Veteran's Day
10. Thanksgiving (2days)
11. Christmas (2days) 

PAID VACATION - Eligible after first full month for full time employees (leave is posted at the end of the month).

 Years of Service

Earned Leave per Year

 Zero to six years

8 hours per month
(12 days per year) 

 First complete calendar month after 6th  anniversary

9.34 hours per month
(14 days per year) 

 First complete calendar month after your 11th anniversary 

 11.34 hours per month
(17 days per year)

First complete calendar month after 15th  anniversary

 13.34 hours per month
(20 days per year)


RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLANEligible immediately for full time employees. 
Full time employees are automatically enrolled in the Alabama State Retirement System. 
    *(RSA-1 Deferred Compensation Plan) 
Employees can opt to contribute any specified amount, at any time, up to IRS allowed amount.  
      This is a pre-tax deduction a
nd employees may choose to enroll in a fixed or stock fund.

MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION  Eligible the 1st day of the second full month following date of hire 
Single Coverage Health/Dental, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of AL- premium currently provided by the County.
*Effective January 1, 2021 employees will pay $75 per month for single coverage; however, if a wellness screen is completed and submitted to the SEIB during the qualification period, the premium is discounted to $0.
Family Coverage Health/Dental, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of AL- County contributes $150 towards premium, current employee cost is $362.50 Bi-monthly.

LIFE INSURANCE-Eligible immediately. Life insurance coverage up to $10,000 is provided by the County.