Highway System Index


The Lee County Highway System Index, as adopted by the Lee County Commission on September 28, 2020, consists only of roads that are the responsibility of Lee County.

The Lee County Highway Department is responsible for approximately 799 miles of roads.  There are approximately 626 miles of paved roads and 173 miles of dirt roads in the Lee County Highway System.

There are some Lee Road numbers that are followed by a letter.  These letters are used to identify roads that do not have a designated Lee Road number.  For example, Lee Road 379A and Lee Road 379B are undesignated roads that are located off Lee Road 379 and are the responsibility of Lee County. 

The road status, i.e. paved or dirt, is listed as P or D, respectively.  If a road has both a paved and dirt portion then its road status will be listed as P/D.

All lengths were obtained using an electronic distance measurer (EDM) or a global positioning system (GPS) device.

The Lee County Highway System Index is a living document.  As roads are constructed, subdivisions accepted and dirt roads paved, the information in this document will be updated routinely by the Highway Department.

Not all roads with a Lee Road sign on them are the responsibility of the Lee County Highway Department. Roads with a blue county road sign are maintained by the Highway Department and roads with a green county road sign are not maintained by the Highway Department. The Lee Road signs were placed on roads in the county in order to provide the emergency responders such as police, firemen and ambulances a way to navigate through the county. 

FY20-21 Highway System Index
FY20-21 County Road Maintenance Map