Board of Equalization

The Lee County Board of Equalization is comprised of three citizens of Lee County. Lee County's Board of Equalization is not a full-time board. The Board of Equalization will hear your concerns about the Fair Market Value of your property, not the property taxes on your property.  If you should desire an appointment with them, you may file a written protest giving your name, address, daytime phone number, parcel identification number and an exclamation of why you think the value of your property or motor vehicle is incorrect. This written protest must be postmarked within 30 days of the date that is on your Notice of Valuation. If the protest is not received within the 30 days, your protest will be heard the following year. After your appeal is received, you will be contacted by a county appraiser. If you are not satisfied with these results, your letter will be put in a file and an appointment will be scheduled for you with the Board of Equalization. The Board of Equalization meets in the spring or early summer of each year. Address your letter to: 

Lee County Board of Equalization
P.O. Box 3050
Opelika, Alabama 36803-3050.

If no satisfaction is gained at this level you have the legal right to appeal to the Circuit Court within 30 days after final notification from the Board of Equalization.  (Title 40 Chapter 7, Code Of Alabama, 1975)

In order to preserve your right to carry the appeal to Circuit Court, taxes must be paid by December 31 or a bond filed in Circuit Court in double the amount of taxes due